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Any time you need to drill a deep hole, you will have to work with the challenges of mother nature. Rock, hard soil, frozen tundra, and undergrowth can all stand in the way of drilling for water, oil, or gas. Thankfully, drilling fluids in Calgary have been created to help make this task a little easier. They do this in the following ways:

Lubricates the Drill

The drilling fluids used in Calgary are a good way to keep drill bits lubricated. This allows them to last longer even when taking some pretty intense abuse. The drill bits are made to be stronger and more flexible, causing less breakage, and saving a lot of time.

Each time a drill bit has to be brought up and replaced, it can cost time and money. Lubrication via drilling fluids saves you both time and money by giving each drill bit a longer life span.

Controls Debris

As you drill, there will be debris and cuttings flying all around. While drills are designed to transfer most of this debris to the surface, which they do, a lot of extra matter is left.

Drilling fluids help to control this problem. The fluids are more of a gelatin substance, and line the hole that is being dug. The extra matter that is not carried to the surface is caught in the drilling liquid, thus keeping it out of the way of the drilling process.

Makes Changing the Drill Bit Easier

A big problem that was encountered for drilling companies was that any time the drill bit had to be brought up and replaces, the matter along the side of the hole would cave in, creating the need to re-dig a large portion of the area.

The gelatin nature of drilling fluids in Calgary means that the drill bit can come up, and that substance will keep the shape of the hole. This makes it so much easier to replace drill bits.

Softens the Ground

When it comes to hard soil and rock, a little bit of moisture can make the work of digging and drilling a lot easier. That is one of the first reasons drillers chose to use these products. The fluids have since been designed to offer other aforementioned benefits, but this was the first and foremost reason for the introduction of these products.

All aspects of drilling are made easier and faster with the use of professional drilling fluids in Calgary.