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“Rainmaker has also been conducting due diligence on additional potential assets located in the USA. By securing prospects in the USA Rainmaker will hopefully be able to diversify its activities not only in assets, but also with prospects of securing a different client base for frac sand consumption.”

Mr reports to shareholders, “We are mindful that the markets take a breather at this time of the year. Fortunately our company is well funded and is in a great position to advance the value of its assets during the slower market months. With a new management team in place and more industry added knowledge on the Board of Directors, our focus has never been so clear.”

The frac sand industry provides an opportunity that has not been seen in other resource sectors. We have the ability to drill, explore, and test, to put together a potential multi-million resource for a fraction of the costs you would expect to see in other minerals and metals. Our initial output is very low in comparison to the mining opportunities that are in the market. This allows us to conserve capital while quickly adding value. As previously mentioned, Rainmaker can go from sampling, to testing, which could create a pre-feasibility report for the BOD to consider within a few short months.

Our management team has been carefully selected with sole objective of getting a project through to development and into production in a profitable manner to the benefit of our bottom line. Their mandate is to create exceptional value for Rainmaker’s stakeholders.

The first part of this year has seen strong incremental growth in frac drilling in North America and around the world. New shale plays are becoming more prevalent and much more active as the USA continues its drive toward Energy Independence

Rainmaker has recently undertaken a rebranding to reflect the robust business sector that we have entered to better serve our clients in the oil and gas industries. We are very excited about the assets within our existing portfolio and those which lie within the cross hairs for potential acquisition”.